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Treasury’s Plans to Double Large Company Thresholds

Treasury has released a proposal to double the financial reporting lodgement thresholds for large Australian proprietary companies. The proposal, outlined...

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Work Christmas Parties and Gifts

The season to be jolly is fast approaching! But you may need to ho-ho-hold-up before you start rewarding your employees...

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Diaries of a Project Manager – Project Teams

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a networking dinner by friend whom I’d met when working on...

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QTR 1 Reflection – YE 2019 – Off to a good start…

Venturing into the world of accounting and compliance has been a learning curve, to say the very least.  But one...

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Diaries of a Project Manager – Defects, Defects, Defects

Defects, defects, defects.  The bane of every project managers existence. Now, if you are an Agile aficionado, please stop reading...

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Diaries of a Project Manager – Project Planning

I was recently advised, by a fellow Program Manager, that project plans are a waste of time.  The Program Manager in...

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Diaries of a Project Manager – Requirements Gathering

There are days in my working career when I reflect and think, not even the best comedians could write this...

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Unknown Unknowns

Start by planning the knowns… So, where did I start? I started with my accountant, which luckily for me, is...

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Inspiring Women

A post from Margie Warrell via Linked In which I found inspiring: My message to the incredible gathering of 800...

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Mark Semmens

Mark is a Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience in accounting and taxation. Mark is a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, the Tax Practitioners Board and the National Tax and Accountants Association.

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Daniela Semmens

Daniela Semmens is a Co-Director of Semmens & Co. and joined the company as General Manager in 2017. Daniela is an Affiliate Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and also a Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management.

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